I remember being INVITED over for dinner, I ended up cooking the entire meal but i didn’t mind since his family was being nice and friendly, joking around even. I was later told by his mom to relax while she just looked over the stove until it was done cooking.

Later, the bf at the time and his sister were called out of the room and he asked me to wait. I waited for over 30 min, and when he finally came back it was with a bowl chips with hot sauce (which I do like lol). I told him it would ruin our appetite and he said “oh, we just finished eating but you can go ahead”. I was stunned and all he could say was “what?”.

I walked out the room and the father praised my cooking as I gathered my things and said that I should come over more often to cook for them. The sister had the audacity to ask me for help in clearing the table. I thanked them for their “hospitality” and suggested they hire a chef/ maid next time.

That was the last time I cooked and will ever cook for someone else’s family.