Please hide my identity. I’m a 35 year old woman and really need help. So I will get straight to the point. I got out of a 5 year abusive relationship and quickly got involved with a 40 year old man. I feel like I liked him very quickly because he satisfied me sexually like no other man has. Here is the problem, he introduced me to anal sex. Now he does weird things like sniffing my dirty underwears, he doesn’t want me to bath and only wants anal sex numerous times a day. Anal was cool at first but multiple times a day is too much. I questioned him one day like “why do u always want anal sex, are you gay?” and he got really mad to the point he wanted to hit me but he didn’t.

One day I was sleeping and I woke up while he was sniffing my ass. Everytime when we have sex it’s only doggy style and he has to see my butthole. I really like him but its scary. Should I stay or should I go?? He says he likes my natural smell, he says it smells so good that is why he behaves the way he does …. help me