I was dating a girl in 2020 but I was crushing hard on one of her friends whom I met through her. I told her friend (my crush) how I feel about her and she told me she felt the same way. Without wasting time, we started having sex One day, I went to her place and she wanted us to have sex at her balcony, she lives on the 2nd floor of a 4-story building.

After a few minutes of foreplay on her bed, we moved to her balcony and started having sex around 1:45 am. We were doing standing doggy when an elderly man from the next compound shone his torch on our faces. He trailed the torch down to where our genitals connected and didn’t take the
light away until I lost my erection and my penis slipped off her vagina. His light was still on us till we shamefully entered her room butt-naked.