So I got a new boyfriend *yay* and we have been seeing eachother for about a month now

Anyway, the other night we were having a twilight marathon (I LOVE twilight) and a dream of mine is to have a vampire boyfriend!

I have been experimenting with eating my own blood ever since the twilight books first came out -| consider
myself to be a vampire now- I usually just save the blood I lose naturally each month (I usually just store them in the freezer etc.) and just suck on them and eat them later

I decided that I would try and “turn” my new boyfriend. So I have been cooking my blood into his food every- time he comes over- I have tried making blood pudding as well but that only works when I have a heavy flow- (you need A LOT of blood)- so I usually just add a little bit of blood into the marinade or pasta sauce etc, etc.

He has absolutely no idea I have been doing this for 3-4 weeks, do you think he could be a vampire by now? >.<