Post this and keep me anonymous.

I met a lady on a certain Facebook page. It’s been 8 months now. After 3 months of secret dating we officially introduced ourselves to our respective families. In our 5th month I went for her marriage list. The problem is, i’m ready and I bought everything which she’s aware and even led in the buying of the items. I even took CAGD loan to support the buying of all the items.

Now this woman keeps suggesting that the marriage should wait because she now has a plan of travelling to Netherlands. A friend of hers brought the deal and she wants me to sponsor the trip in terms of paper works, passport and stuffs. She says she will only be back in three years time so we can marry. She also suggested that if I’m not interested in letting her go at the moment,I should marry her immediately then she can go after that.

I’m 34, not married before with no kids; isn’t this a dangerous thing to do? Is this love? Am I not putting myself into danger? I need serious advise because i’m really confused.