I am a guy of 25 years old and I am not that ready to settle down, i met this girl two years ago, she’s 22 years old now. I never intended to date her, but she keeps on giving me green light, she was always in my inbox, always texting me, she said she likes my personality and she wants to be with me. And she’s so loving and caring. So we started dating, she does send me airtime most times and I don’t ask her for that, and I also send her money most times.

I know she loves me a lot, but the problem is that most times I don’t feel the same for her, my love for her comes and it goes. And she’s always in a haste to get married she always disturb me a lot about that, and I told her we are still young and i’m not that ready yet.

My problem is that I don’t love her the way she does, and I pity her a lot because I also don’t want to break her heart, because she’s a very good and responsible girl. 😥 Please I need your advice, what should I do?
Should I keep up with her or break up with her?

Please I will be reading your comments.
Thank you.