Please help me find out.. my girlfriend of a year threatened me the last we had fight that… she will kill herself if I leave her. Last February , we had small argument which I told her to leave me,thus, we should break up.
To my astonishment she went straight to the kitchen,took a knife to stab herself.

Honestly I felt bad that moment,I have to rush her and apologise for saying that to her. Ff,,,now the problem is, we have broken up, it’s so funny, the whole thing started from her camp, after visiting a Man of God and receiving a prophecy that…I’m not her real husband, so she should leave me.

About three months since we broke up,but she’s suffering, she seems like somebody who’s memory is lost. ( something like brain disorder , or depression ) Honestly I cried when I first saw her today from a distance, so I approached her and she seemed so confused.
She can’t even remember some of our jokes way back.

Now I feel pity for her, I feel I’m the cause of her condition now, feel guilty should something happen to her right now. Now I want her back but what about what the Man of God said…that we can’t give birth if we force and marry. Her family made everything worse after threatening me not to come near their daughter again.

They succeeded in separating us without looking the other way, I felt hurt, I cried, the sleepless night..many more. They warned me not call her again cos the man says we can’t marry. Please what do I do now. Been crying and praying for her the whole day…please advise me.