So last year, I started dating a guy i met online. A whole lot of things happened, the relationship wasn’t smooth at all and the worst of it all is he’s a gay eii . I got to know about it 2 months after we broke up and it’s haunting me. Fast forward in our relationship this guy was so bitter towards me, he abused and sometimes force me to have anal sex with him. I was always sad in the relationship.

This same guy can chat his colleagues and be talking ill about me. The sad part is he even told them that I’m not sexually attractive to him eiiii .I don’t know if I should expose him to his family or keep it. You should have told me you are gay rather than all the stress you made me pass through,all the insults 😭and humiliation.

You insulted my mom and my dad (calling him womanizer) Forgeting that the womanizers daughter once fed you when your salary seized for 4 months. I’m even shocked oo a whole doctor telling another guy to come and fuck your ass.