I cheated on my husband three years ago while traveling for work. It was a one night stand and we didn’t exchange numbers or keep in contact. I don’t even know his last name.

Until last month, I’ve never told anyone about this event. At the time I cheated, I didn’t really care because my marriage was rocky and I felt unappreciated. But my husband and I reconnected during quarantine and I started to feel extremely guilty.

Last month, I thought I would try going to confession with my parish priest. He said I needed to tell my husband as part of my penance. I wasn’t really sure how to do that, so I’ve sat on it.

Last weekend I came home to my husband throwing all of my stuff out of the bedroom and trying to kick me out of the house. He knows everything. Apparently the priest followed up to see if I’d told my husband, and when my husband said he didn’t understand what the priest was talking about, he told my husband about the affair.

My whole world is exploding because I thought confession was supposed to be private. Does the priest have any kind of liability or responsibility?