After exchanging Val gifts with my boyfriend through a courier company because we don’t live in the same state, traveled to his state to surprise him. I got there around 8 pm and saw his car parked outside. I tried calling him several times to tell him I was at the door but he didn’t pick up my calls and my messages were ignored too. At around 11 pm, was very tired and angry, I called his friends, and the two of them lied that he was with them.

It was already 12 am I didn’t have anywhere else to go and every uber driver I contacted to take me to a hotel complained that it was too late. I had to sleep at his door till the following morning. Cold almost killed me before morning, I was gnashing my teeth all in the name of love. I later found out he was inside all through the night with another lady. It shan’t be well with you Adio.