“Admin, I am in a big trouble and don’t know what to do. Please help me out.

My ex is so caring. We broke up few months ago but still he cares for me a lot. I have feelings for him but nothing to do.On the other hand, he is jealous of my boyfriend.
My boyfriend is very romantic, protective and sweet guy. He always tries to make me happy,that’s why I like him.We spend time together but can’t share any secrets with him.
In this world only one man knows all of my secrets because he understands me and my feelings very well. That’s he is my bestfriend. We have lots of fun together. Suddenly I realised he grew up a strong feelings for me.He can’t say anything to me but I have to see his sad face everytime. It’s hurting to see best friend’s sad face and when the reason is only me.
In this disturbing atmosphere, my crush started to confess his feelings for me.He wants to date me.

This things made me crazy. I don’t know what should I do. We 5 are in the same department and that is more disgusting. I have to fight with my feelings all the time.
Please give me some advices.