Hi Admin I used my friend’s RP account so I would be able to express my pain from all the years I’ve been through because of my father. Once he was the man I admired the most and once promised myself that I would love to marry a man like him but everything changed. I figured out that he cheated on my mom, it was hard for me to accept the fact that he did that to her, to us. My years with this state was the worst thing in my life that anyone could ever imagine, until now I’ve been suffering from this issue. Though I can hear a lot of stories regarding of this issue everyday, I never keep any anger towards him. But still I can’t deny the fact that I’m hurting day by day. To my father, Hi! I hope she’ll treat you well. I hope she’s not just there for you because of your money. I hope you both get the peace that you needed. Take good care of yourself father, knowing that your immune system is very weak. Always remember that I, your once little princess accepts the fact that you are no longer ours. There’s no any other day that I don’t love you, I’m still grateful that you made me experienced the childhood that I will always remember. Thank you for making me feel loved and cared but I guess not every family has a beautiful story and a beautiful ending to tell. I love you so much father, from the very bottom of my heart. I hope you know that I am never angry at you. To me, you are still the papa that I used to know. I hope your future kids will never suffer the things I suffered today.