Well me and my boyfriend decided to have sex at my house since my parents are away. We were doing foreplay on for a good 15 minutes. I was giving him head while he was lying down with his eyes closed. Then all of sudden, my 6.5 ft tall Great Dane came over and stuck his penis in my vagina from behind, It was one of the worse experiences ever.

My Great Dane started humping me and I was just yelling. My BF was just sitting there shocked. He tried to move the dog but the dog would not bulge. Suddenly I felt a sticky warm fluid in my vagina. My Great Dane finally came off and I realized he just finished breeding with me. I sat there shocked, crying and my boyfriend just hugged me. I was so disgusted, I think I may be pregnant and I’m so scared.

What if my babies have dog heads and human bodies? How do i explain that to my parents? So can I still get pregnant even if my dog camed in it?