My bf(31)and I(22) have been together for 2 years now. Things have escalated to the point I am feeling scared about our future together.

He’s never hit me, but it’s more of a verbal and mental thing. He will give me Silent treatment for days, he will ignore me or say really hurtful things about me for no reason. I’ll give an example; he was making food and putting raw meat on the counter. I said, ” Oh babe that’s kind of nasty we have a cutting board, there can be germs ya nasty”(I said it in a joking way And was laughing).

He responded by saying, “you always ruin everything for me, and I’m gross? You’re the one that Is actually disgusting by bleeding once a month from your body and making nasty jokes. That’s the stuff I will think about if we break up.”

Maybe not the best example, but it’s always like this. He says something 1000x more hurtful. And then gives me the silent treatment.

There’s a list of things I can’t do literally
*Cant go to any sort of bar(even with him)
*my sister isn’t allowed to stay (they got into an argument)
*I’m not allowed to have alcohol when I want, he has to approve first
*I’m not allowed to watch tv shows/videos I like in my free time because I’m wasting opportunities to get a job
*I shouldn’t wear makeup in public
*I should dye my hair blonde instead of my natural dark brown

Anyway, THE MAIN POINT is that I want to leave. I’m in the interview process and I know I will need like $5,000 for the first and last payment + utilities being turned on and whatever else. Do you guys think it would be better to get this job and slowly save money and leave OR leave as soon as possible to stay with my sister and move into my own place from there?

I am heartbroken at the idea of leaving him, as soon as I tell him I’m done he loves bombs me. It’s so hard to get away and I just want to make sure I do this right…