I recently found out my bf of over 2 years now has been on Instagram and Snapchat messaging probably at least a hundred girls flirting with them and saying things like ‘i wanna make you my next gf’ and making very sexually suggestive comments, I went through his phone for the first time and found at least one message like that every month since we first started dating, my problem is I’m being kicked out of my place soon and I can’t afford these rent prices (i pay 450 now and that’s unbeatable in my area and all I can afford) and he’s going to help me and let me stay with him, does anyone have any advice on how i can get over this and not feel sick to my stomach constantly? it’s been a week since i found out and i’ve thrown up every day, he promised he wouldn’t do it anymore but i just can’t help but be so hurt and disgusted and i want to move on