I know people are going to come here and be like well yeah, it’s your husband, like obviously I love him.

But there’s a difference in loving someone, and having a crush on them.

And I have a crush on my husband. 8 years we’ve been together. 8 years. And I still can’t stop staring at him and thinking he’s the most handsome guy, and when he stares back I still get butterflies and feel myself blush.

He makes me giddy and nervous. Not nervous in a bad way, but nervous in a /just want him to lean in and kiss me kinda way. Like a my phone buzzed and I hope it’s him kinda way.

And when we go out, I find myself struggling to find the perfect outfit because I want to look just right and I’ll spend forever curling my hair til it’s perfect.

I don’t know. I know I’m being gushy. But I don’t really care. He’s currently working on some paperwork and I’m sitting in the room with him.

We haven’t said anything, but I can’t stop glancing up at him from my phone and just wondering how, out of all people, / get to be his wife.