People don’t understand that I’m not afraid of going to hell because I don’t believe in the afterlife, so instead, I tell them what I would do if Christianity or any other religion was right. “Well, If Heaven and Hell exist and I end up in hell, I would pledge allegiance to Satan, gain his confidence, and eventually, become his right hand. Then, when he least expects it, I would stab him in the back and take control of all his armies, The next order of business is to declare war on God and invade Heaven. According to Christians, the people in Hell outnumber the people in Heaven by at least 1000 times, With my larger army, victory over the forces of Heaven would be assured. Finally, the last step of my infallible plan to dominate all of existence is to kill God and take his place, Now that I control both the forces of good and evil and the laws of nature are mine to dictate, my power would be supreme and unchallenged for the rest of eternity!” That usually shuts them up!