So last night my son confessed that he wanted me to peg him. I decided to give it a try last night and it was a big mistake. I was honestly shocked when he told me he was into the idea of pegging and wanting to try it.

He’s a very masculine man’s man so not the type at all you’d imagine would be into such things. I figured why not? I’ve seen him do it to me it doesn’t look hard and I’m not the one taking it, so why not? Well we went to the adult store, bought gear and plenty of lube and gave it a shot.

Well it was hard to ease it into him but we finally got it in there. He seemed happy and once he loosened up I really started going to town on him. He was tied down, Which is new but it’s what he wanted. It was hard getting it into him at first but eventually we got there and I started getting into it and really went to town on him. eventually he shook his head to tell me it was time to stop. So I slowly stopped and liquid poop came gushing out of him like a river. All over the bed, the sheets, the towel we laid down and my legs and feet. It wouldn’t stop coming out of him so I did the only thing I could think of, I shoved the toy back in to stop the flow which made him scream loudly.

Then I threw up, all over his back and he threw up all over the bed and nearly choked on his own vomit but of course he continued gagging and vomiting as did I until we were both done. We both were in tears, crying and in shock. He weakly asked me to untie him so I wiped the vomit off of my hands and I did then slowly pulled the toy on out still leaking. We both stood there for a moment still crying and gagging occassionally. He said, “What do we do?” I told him let’s just strip everything, throw it out and clean it as best we can.

We both jumped in the shower to hose ourselves off then I opened the bedroom door to get garbage bags. we got everything into bags, took off the mattress protector to wash it and threw the bags into the trash, cleaned the carpet where it spilled. Then showered again and brushed our teeth and re-made the bed and sprayed air freshener and lit candles. During the whole process which took hours we both broke down and cried multiple times. We went to sleep without ever saying a word to eachother and barely said anything to eachother this morning. I don’t know what he’s feeling or if we’re okay. I honestly am so disgusted still by the whole experience and I don’t know if I can ever bring myself to do that again.