I had 4 miscarriages before my son was born. On his 8th birthday he said “mom I’m so glad I got to stay this time”. I said what

Where did you go? He said I kept coming to you but your tummy was sick and I couldn’t stay. This last time was number 5 and I wasn’t gonna get to come back if I didn’t get to stay this time.

I said are you talking about me having the 4 babies in heaven before you were born? Cause he had heard me talk about him being my rainbow baby.

He said “yeah, only it was me every time, not four other babies mom it was me, I kept coming back cause I really wanted you to be my mommy”. I said how did you do that? He said “I just asked God to let it be me”.

That following year we started going to church faithfully. He had never been to church before that